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Sanmei He (Sammi)




Draft 3rd




Influential person in my life

            My father is the most influential person in my life.  He is my best friend and best teacher.  My father is the head of my family.  He makes all the decision all the time in my family.

            I remember the year before my family planned to immigrate to America.  My parents had an argument about that.  Because my mother has a greater job in China, she didn’t want to immigrate to a strange city to start over to learn new things.  Also she felt it would be hard to learn a new language.  My father had the same thought too.  But he also thought of our future.  My father hoped that we would have more opportunities to change our future for the better.  Therefore, my father had to make the decision for our future that we immigrate to America, but my mother wanted to stay in our native country.  Thus, my father and my mother divorced; then my father and I went to the new and strange country to continue our new life.  My father’s decision let me know that I would have a different life in the strange city.  I had to start to learn over many strange things.  In the beginning, I didn’t understand why my father wanted to immigrate to another country to start over his life.  Because my father didn’t explain anything about the decision he made, he just wanted us follow his steps to do it.  Thus, I didn’t understand my father’s thought.

            The second day of our immigration, my father went to find a job to support our life.  We didn’t need to find a house immediately because we lived with our grandparents.  But my father had difficulty finding a job in the beginning.  My father had a good office job in our native country. But in America, my father didn’t know any English; also companies didn’t accept the experiences that my father had in our native country.  Thus, my father had to lower his desire.  Finally, he found a job like other Chinese doing hard work, long hours a day, for lower pay.  My father’s experience told us that we have to gain our education to change our future.  My father influenced me that life is important; skills are important for living in this world too.  No skills mean no future.

We went to look for school on the second day we were here because my father wanted us to focus on education and learn a new language.  My father always taught us that we have to gain our education in the United States, that it is basic skills we need for our future.  When my father came home after work, he didn’t complain about his work or others.  Because he just wanted me learn more and have better life, he didn’t want me as him to doing the hard work as he did everyday.  My father thought that he could not change in his life because he was old and it is hard to learn new things in his life.  But he wanted to gain more opportunities to change our life and future in the better way.

I didn’t want to disappoint my father.  Thus, I went to high school.  I had a hard time learning English because I had no English skills in my native country.  Thus, I didn’t understand the classes in the beginning.  I had to use my native dictionary to check every word.  I felt learning was hard and I was depressed about studying.  But whenever I thought of my father, what my father had done and his hope for me, I did my best to overcome my awkward feelings.

            In conclusion, my father is my best friend.  His decision changed my life.  I learned a lot from his experience.  His decision of immigration was the greatest idea for me to have more opportunities to gain my education and experiences in the United States. I have to change my father’s life as well as mine by gaining my education first.  I realized that my father has done everything for us to gain more opportunities for us to change our future. 


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